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It’s the curse of popularity: often the more well-known a concept, the more scope there is for misconceptions and misunderstandings. And mindfulness is no exception.

If you caught my last post, you’ll know that mindfulness is often dismissed as just another wellness fad — and you’ll also know that so…

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It feels like all of a sudden everyone’s talking about mindfulness.

CEOs are doing it and they’re trying to get their teams on board. Professional athletes are doing it and crediting it for their big wins. Even the people who “aren’t normally into that kind of thing” are getting curious.

“Today I’m going to go out into the world and be mediocre!”

Said no one, ever.

Yet, it’s undoubtedly happened to all of us — more than once.

We’ve shown up at work, with our family or friends, or in other parts of our lives, as less than our brilliant best. On occasion, we’ve judged people, refused to back down when we…

As humans we intuitively know that people need care. And, even more so when you work in a high human impact (HHI) field since the work you do directly impacts the well-being of other human beings. …

Trauma is an occupational reality in high human impact (HHI) organizations: primary trauma, vicarious trauma, critical incident stress, and moral injury just to name a few.

Just as these traumas impact individuals, there’s another trauma we rarely mention. A pervasive trauma that impacts organizations across HHI sectors. An unrecognized trauma.

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Have you ever noticed that we are, as a culture, obsessed with metrics?

We all have targets to aim for and goals to achieve. And when we meet them? That’s when we’ll know we’ve done a good job. That’s how we judge our success.

Everything else — like bringing a…

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We are all whole human beings.

I’d love for you to read that first line again; sit with it for a second and let it truly sink in.

Because it’s something that’s been taking up a lot of my headspace recently. You see, I’ve spent almost two decades in service…

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“It goes with the territory. Just tough it out.”

This was the overwhelming sentiment over a decade ago when I first experienced signs of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout, while on a humanitarian assignment in Zambia.

After all, when you work with the world’s most vulnerable people — refugees…

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Employees are speaking up but a lot of organizations are choosing not to hear what their employees have to say, and are instead operating as though they can continue with business as usual without any consequences.

But there are consequences.

With polls indicating upwards of 40% of employees across sectors…

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You may remember the infamous announcement that Gwyneth Paltrow issued letting the world know that she and her husband were going through a “conscious uncoupling as they worked to end their marriage. …

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