Image courtesy of Amer Mughawish, Unsplash

Changing the World by Changing How We Work

Employees are speaking up but a lot of organizations are choosing not to hear what their employees have to say, and are instead operating as though they can continue with business as usual without any consequences.

But there are consequences.

With polls indicating upwards of 40% of employees across sectors looking to quit their jobs, organizations face not only the loss of institutional knowledge which creates confidence and efficiency, but they also face a hit to their bottom line as they invest millions of dollars in recruiting and training new staff.

It’s time to change the world by changing how we work through the development of human-centered cultures of belonging that recognize that as whole human beings we are complex and do not leave pieces of ourselves at the door when we come into work. Human-centered cultures recognize that the well-being and safety of our staff must be holistic and go beyond just the physical to include the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health of our employees.

Organizations that want to survive and flourish in a post-pandemic world need to focus efforts on retaining their talent which starts by asking their employees what they need AND turning that inquiry into action by co-creating and redesigning workplace culture WITH their employees.

If this resonates at all and you’re interested in learning more, let’s set up a time to talk.